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  2. Kelly Clarkson revisits family history in Because Of You - The Inspiration Room
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She believes she has learnt a lot of lessons from her childhood events and as such will be mindful to keep herself from being hurt. She also confesses the negative implications of the divorce which is that she is unable to trust other people because she is scared they might break her heart. The singer recalls her childhood as a tough one where she could not even be emotional as a child because she did not want to hurt the only parent she was living with.

She further describes that though she still feels hurt, she has had to put on fake smiles for years just to get by.

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Perhaps the most hurtful event for a 6 year old was to see her parent suffer emotionally and cry every night in pain, while leaning on her for all the comfort. She further blames both parents for being selfish and not considering how she might have felt about their divorce. Kelly ends by stating that she has been emotionally damaged because of this and has to continue being overprotective of herself just to avoid feeling hurt by someone else. Like was mentioned above, Clarkson first composed this emotional song when she was only just She wrote it while trying to cope with the sadness brought on by the divorce of her parents.

It's very distressing to grow up and learn that the most happy childhood memories are often fraught with pain, hurt and shame. Parents need to start thinking about their children as more than just empty vessels. Children are incredibly receptive to actions and behaviours enacted by parents and naturally take up protective roles towards the abused parent. Let adult problems stay there and let it not plague the hearts and minds of our young special ones.

I realised how parentified I'd become as a child, dealing with my parents' problems and taking care of my siblings. Up to this day the pain stays with me as I've lost out on a normal childhood and neglected myself. I've trying to cope with it and have an amazing partner who's helped me thus far. I maintain good relations with my parents but still cry each time after I meet them or talk to them because I still love them but it has killed off a part of me inside that cannot be repaired.

The songs about her mother and how when there were problems in her house her mom shuts her out and left her to deal with it by herself as well as taking out her anger and frustration on her daughter. Its really sad cuz this happens in families everywhere where the parents neglect their kids cuz of their own selfish problems, and only turn to the kids when they need to dump on them and force their problems onto them.

I think this is why alot of kids are depressed, cuz they have to constantly hold up their parents and get nothing in return :. I once read this fan fic, and this girls mother remarried, and he started abusing them, s she runs away to live with her dad halfway across america, and she sings this song, and she means like how se always patched up her mother, but her mother didn't care about her.

And how she had to be the strong one, and she was too young to cope with it all.

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I think that is inda the perfect meaning for those circumstances. I was abused for many years of my life, by my own father. And allthough I try to forget it and be normal there is still something in me that makes me feel so little, fragil and broken when I think about it. And everytime I hear this song it makes me tear up it reminds me of the facts. I was so young, he should have known better than to lean on me.

I love it, its a beautiful song sung by a beautiful voice. Kelly Clarkson is like one of my favourite American artists! She is deffently up there in the charts with Beyonce! And she is my favourite singer eva! And Kelly not far behind her! Love all her songs! I no what she means! Its like finding it hard to trust people after something that has happened in the past! I always have been like this, very few people I feel I can trust.

What does Because of You mean?

It makes me feel that there are others out there same as me. Personally this song has a hidden message and that's like saying walk in the foot steps of someone else but don't make their mistakes. This is what she has done and unfortunately it takes her till she is hurt to realise this and she doesn't want to be hurt again by a selfish jerk.

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Post meaning. Top meanings Post my meaning h. Why is it that the best winners of ai didn't plan on ever being on the They enforce More Kelly Clarkson lyrics. Before Your Love. Behind These Hazel Eyes.

Kelly Clarkson revisits family history in Because Of You - The Inspiration Room

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