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Entering the fray themselves, they find out Tank is being held in a mega-fortress that is virtually impossible to get into. Can Jen and the team get Tank back? However, with his contact leading him in circles and mobsters on his tail, Tank needs to think quick and move even quicker. Can Tank get Jen back before the CIA move her, or will he end up dead in some back alley at the hands of the mob?

Drugs, cops and gangsters - Tank and his team will have to take them all on if they want control of the drug trade in LA.

List of Movies available on Netflix in Switzerland

However, with hundreds of gang members and the infamous LA Cops on the scene, this battle could be out of their league. Can Tank and the team save Mike from the very drug pushers they were sent to eradicate, or will they be the ones to lose their lives? President Thompson wants the aid agencies support and he will do anything to get it. However, not everything is as it seems and a easy job turns into a nightmare as Tank's rival, Steel, enters the fray.

Can Tank pull it together for long enough to defeat his worst enemy and complete the mission? Download and find out inside! The Sinner is in danger. A challenger wants his role and they are not willing to take 'no' for an answer. With a collection due and the challenger on the offensive, he's not in for an easy time. Can the Sinner take on his adversary and win, or will the pressure of the collection and the challenge push him over the edge and lead to his end?

The soldiers of a small desert base are in for a shock tonight. The Sinner has come to collect and they had better watch out because he takes no prisoners. It's an all out battle - soldiers and Sinner - and only one side will walk away alive.

Mr. Meat Se Mulakat [] (Horror Game)

Will the Sinner win out or will this be the end of his collection days? The Sinner is back to collect an ancient necklace from Jang 'Pussy' Wang, party girl and mob boss's daughter.

Read PDF Escape or Die and The Emperor Must Die (Ninja Action Adventure Humor Series #3 and #4)

However, She takes offense and the fight is on with the Sinner at the center of a gang war that will rock the city. Can the Sinner survive the horde of gangsters after him, or will he die a grisly death at the hands of his pursuers? Returned to his world, Sin decides to take on Love and his minions in an all out fight for the fate of humanity. With his friends and the help of the Church of Forgotten Sins, he races to close the hell gate that is letting the demons into his world.

Can Sin overcome the horde of demons that stands in his way, or will he fall to their clawed hands? Love has entered the human world with one goal in mind: Kill Sin. Now Sin must face the fight of his life with demons coming at him from all sides. Sin and his friends must fight for the fate of their world if they want to stop the advances of the demon horde and keep their world safe. Can Sin and the crew take on the might of the demon empire? Sin has taken a job for the Chain of Peace a powerful group of vampires and finds himself in over his head as his temporary partner Bloodwinkle tries to hide the true identity of the murderer that Sin has been employed to find.

With the bodies building up, Sin must explore the secrets of the vampires and find the killer before it is too late. Can Sin solve the case? Oddity was once human. This is his story. Blake Barrows, unwitting human test subject, must gain control of himself after being injected with a new demon drug. Unfortunately, he is not the only one and is soon caught in the clutches of the stronger, tougher Havoc.

Can Blake escape the beast within and the monster without? Published: December 1, by Lunatic Ink Publishing. Murk has survived the dwarves, but a new challenge presents itself in his quest to escape the Madlands. Can Murk find the courage to face the mysteries of the mirror?

Murk's short cut doesn't work out as planned. Trapped by the dark dwarves, he finds himself on the way to becoming their lunch Murk kebab anyone? With no means of escape and a short trip to the dark dwarves' stomachs, Murk needs to find a way out of this soon. Can he escape this tricky situation and what mysteries await in the caves of the dark dwarves?

Ko lives! Unfortunately, he is possessed by the powers of the ninja god, Myth, and now must fight his best friend, Kreal. In a heated battle between these two powerful ninja, the emotionless Kreal finds himself unable to control himself and blood soon runs freely. Can Kreal remember his feelings of friendship for Ko in time, or will one of them die in this battle of friends?

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Hardened by the technique that has returned his power tenfold, Kreal must battle for his life as bandits and Myth's minions attack. The fight starts to get out of Kreal's control and, in the end, one of the team must make a great sacrifice if the others are to survive the attacks of the Rock Ninja. Can Kreal defeat the enemy within to defeat the enemy without? Kreal has the scroll and now the location. The Golden Crane's secret technique is nearly his, but there's one problem: Myth, the Ninja God, stands in his way. Kreal and his friends must battle the most powerful Ninja entity in existence, if they want to keep the world safe from his touch and restore Kreal's power.

Can Kreal and his team take on the might of the Ninja god?

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Monk has found the clues that he needs and now knows where to find the final pieces of information. Grisly murders follow as Monk takes his rampage of revenge to extremes. However, the intel reveals more than he could ever have dreamed and his life is turned upside down one last time. With the truth bearing down on him, can he do what is needed and kill the men responsible for his ruined life?

Jack and Sam's target is a German general this time around. Unfortunately, they can't take the long shot, so they are going to have to go in and get up close and personal with their kill. Dozens of German soldiers block their way as an inside job becomes the most dangerous mission of their lives. Can Jack and Sam kill their mark and make it out alive to tell the tale? Jack and Sam are out to kill a WW2 scientist, who is working on an ultra secret tank that may change the direction of the war.

Things heat up as the mission starts to fall apart and our heroes find themselves in the worst possible situation. With one shot, can Jack take down their target and then still escape before s of German paratroopers find them? Bottled in by a sniper, Frank's got a decision to make: Stand and fight and maybe save his friend or flee and take his chances. It's a tough choice, but, thankfully, Frank has a few good friends coming to the party: Two Magnums and a belt of grenades.

Can he survive the fight to the death that ensues as the terrorists go on the offensive? Frank's hardest day is ahead. The terrorists are back and he has a mind field of bombs to count before the day is out. It's an all out war as Frank's crazy co-workers send him into danger to make this his most memorable first day on the job ever. Can Frank make it through everything to win out day? Published: November 30, by Lunatic Ink Publishing. Things soon heat up as Frank finds himself right in the middle of the Major's fight against pornography and prostitution in Baghdad with deadly consequences.

Frank is in for the fight of his life as he tries to keep his head above water in a fight that just keeps getting worse. Can Frank survive this nightmare? Mad Scientist Vs. T is in for the fight of his life as his villainous plans are unsettled by the beautiful heroine Eva in a prehistoric fight to the death. Who will survive this battle of the mighty? Will Ed. T really dominate the world and put an end to Victory City? With action galore, this is an intense title that will tickle you funny bone and introduce you to a whole new type of hero and villain.

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Ed is out of luck. The fireworks display is a few days away and he's lost all of his stock and, nearly, his grandson. The situation is looking bad with his contract stipulating big fines if he doesn't deliver. If Ed wants to pull this together in time he's going to have to bring the community behind him in a push to create enough fireworks to save the show.

Can Ed pull through or will he fail? Down and out, our killer is stuck in Motel Cheap, an eyesore among bad quality motels. Thankfully, the game is on as a beautiful, young victim enters his life and inspires him back to happiness the murderous kind. However, things don't work out well and a fight that will tear the hotel apart in a rampage of death begins.

Ninja Gaiden - Walkthrough

Can our killer make it through just one more time? Small town America never had it so bad when a killer enters their midst. It's killer against killers in the 8th horrifying story in the Death Days series.

Can our killer survive the secret war on him that began the day that he entered town? With all odds against him, this will be the biggest battle of his life as hillbillies take on big city killer in the bloodbath of the century. Published: November 8, by Lunatic Ink Publishing. Nine stories, four genres, all in one package. In fantasy stories, like Infinity Age Ninja, you'll find blood-soaked action full to the brim with intensity.