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  5. French rooster in court for crowing too loudly

Everyone will now be protected: the church bells, the frogs … why not a Maurice law to protect all rural noises. Two retired farmers with a second home on the island complained that Maurice was making an abnormal racket when he crowed at 6. During a hearing in July , the plaintiffs were described as quiet people, aged 65 and 70, of modest income. The pair had bought a second home on the island in , long before Maurice hatched in They were not in court because of the media interest in the case, their lawyer said, but they asked the court to rule that the noise had to stop.

Accordingly, different symbolism has been assigned to him.

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As a rule, he is considered a symbol of the sun and the heavenly fire. The roots of this go back into mythology. Like the sun, he "counts down the time," heralding the coming of the new world of the day with his crowing. This crowing has always been a reference of time for people, i. Villagers waited for this sign before starting their journey on the road.

After the second singing of the rooster, village women usually got up from their beds to knead bread and milk the cows. When the rooster crowed for the third time, the entire working population of the village was already on its way to their daily work. In most cultures, the rooster is considered to be the zoomorphic transformation of the deity sun and dawn. Therefore, most of these deities were depicted with a rooster head.

Sake Facts – The Year of the Rooster Is The Year of Sake!

In many religions, gods were accompanied by a rooster. According to folk legends and beliefs night ghosts, spirits and devils disappear with the first cry of the cock. The rooster motif, dispersing evil spirits with his call, is the culmination of many folk tales.

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It was often depicted on a cross, along with the sun, as a protection from the underworld. In Scandinavian myths, the cock with his "golden comb" guarded the rainbow- bridge leading from the human world to the abode of the gods. In one of the myths of Ares, the God of War, turned his servant into a rooster when he did not wake up Ares and his mistress Aphrodite in time during one of their secret meetings.

Since then, a servant in the guise of a rooster woke his master before dawn. A rooster figurine adorns the spire of the cathedral of St. Vitus in Prague. It was exactly at this spot that during pagan times stood the idol of Svyatovit, which the Czech tribes saw as their chief god. They offered wine, loaves and especially a black cock to the idol.

The Gallic Rooster - France-Diplomatie - Ministère de l’Europe et des Affaires étrangères

Prague was seen as the original capital of warlocks and magicians. For alchemists the cock has always been a symbol of the sun. A cock is often depicted as a guard on roofs, weathervanes, spiers and poles. Here his image appeared as a symbol of vigilance.

Lucky Things for People Born in a Year of the Rooster

Remember the Tale of the Golden Cockerel of A. Pushkin: the weathervane rotates into the direction from where evil threatens. His image graced trunks and relics. It was common believe that one should only move into a new house, once the rooster cock happily spent a night in it. According to the Slavs, the cockscomb protects people from nightmares as the rooster is vigilant and all-seeing. The image of a rooster on the walls protected the house from possible fires. Often features of a dragon are ascribed to the rooster.

The black cock is closely linked to witchcraft, fortune telling and evil forces. If we are what we eat, I should have grown feathers by now. When I went back home, my mom again had a hen killed for me. I told her I have had a lot of chicken already.

Alice In Chains - The Rooster

My mom said: "But it is homegrown! She always is. Chicken is the food for the ordinary men and women, whether they are the farmers in China who let their chickens roam wild, or an office worker who watches the Cowboys play the Packers on the TV, while nibbling salt and vinegar chicken wings. I would also call the Year of the Hen for the same reason. In addition to hens that become food, think of all the eggs we eat, boiled, poached or scrambled, in cakes, burritos, casseroles, egg drop soups, or even pasta with buttered egg sauce. We should show proper respect for all these hens and eggs.

Their lives matter. If this article makes you so guilty that you want to convert to a vegan lifestyle, do it.

France's Maurice the Rooster Faces Noise Complaints in Court

It is honorable if you do, and may help to resuscitate your New Year resolution to become a better person with the coming of the Lunar New Year. The environment will thank you, the chickens will too. Happy Year of the Rooster, Chicken, Hen, however you want to call it.

The author is a US-based instructional designer, literary translator and columnist writing on cross-cultural issues. Celebrating Year of Rooster?

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French rooster in court for crowing too loudly

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